Great products are only built by great teams. A great team has the right balance between people focused on discovering what to build and people building it.

By the end of last year I attended a conference where I talked to someone from IBM who told me how they were hiring 1,000 designers to try to get the ratio of designers to engineers to 1 to 10. This prompted me to investigate what was the ratio of product management and design to engineering in some successful companies.

Under the Product Management umbrella I’ve included any role involved in defining what to build and measuring how it performs like user researchers, designers and data analysts.

Because I wanted to use the information to understand how we would improve the ratios at Xyleme, I focused my research on B2B tech companies with between 100 and 250 employees. The information is from October 2015.

Company Name Headcount Product Management Engineering PM:Eng Ratio
Jira 259 22 129 1:6
Yammer ~250 23 90 1:4
Intercom 156 32 33 1:1

From the data you can see all those companies put significant effort into product definition. In particular, Intercom practice what they preach in their blog, investing heavily in product management and design.