Email and Calendar: Google Apps
With Google Apps you get private email, calendar, online document collaboration and a wiki for your company for free including 50 user accounts (chose the standard edition).
Voice calls and IM: Skype
Skype is the most popular application to make voice and video calls over the Internet used by more than 500 million people. Make free calls to other Skype users or call landline and mobile numbers at low rates.
Skype also offers conference calls with multiple participants, instant messaging and desktop sharing for remote presentations and product demonstrations.
Skype is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and also on several mobile platforms like iPhone, Nokia and recently Android and Blackberry.


Note: The instructions in this post have been tested on Netbeans 6.8 running on Ubuntu 10.

I have always used Eclipse in the past for coding. Recently I decided to give Netbeans a go mainly for two reasons:

  • It provided Rails support as well as other languages without the need to download extra plugins.
  • I had always found Eclipse I little bit over bloated with functions which made it slow and sometimes difficult to use.

A month ago I also bought a HTC Desire and I wanted to have some fun writting applications for Android.
As I had Netbeans installed and I was happy with it I decided I would use it for Android development.
I searched Android sdk on Google and found out that Google only provided a plugin for Android development under Eclipse. Another Google search revealed the existence of a Netbeans plugin and I decided to give it a go. Below are the steps I followed to get everything working.