Recently, I have been doing some research about real SaaS metrics from real businesses.

Surprisingly, there are quite a bit of private companies that make their SaaS metrics public.

Here is a selected list with their metrics:

Company Customers ARR Monthly Churn LTV CAC
Moz 22,740 $31.9M 6.5% $1,755 $110
Awever 120,000 $27.3M 4.0% $475 $95
Seamless Docs 1,412 $24M 1.0% $141,667 N/A
Click Funnels 10,000 $14.4M 4.0% $3,000 N/A
Buffer 53,495 $9.75M 5.7% $298 N/A
Cirrus Insight 100,000 $7.68M -2.0% $750 $85
ConvertKit 4,614 $2.77M 6.5% $645 N/A
Hubstaff 2,484 $1.04M 2.8% $869 N/A
Ghost 4,712 $600K 6.2% $214 N/A
Baremetrics 553 $594K 5.3% $1,776 N/A

We don’t have the Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) for most of them. The rule of thumb is that for a SaaS company to be healthy, LTV > 3 x CAC. The companies for which we have their CAC are doing well in that regard.

As for churn, Hubstuff is doing pretty well but ConvertKit has to renew its whole customer base every 15 months. The best SaaS companies in terms of retention have a monthly churn below 2% but it very much depends on your offering and your target customer. Cirrus Insight has a negative churn. That means that the revenue from increased adoption in existing accounts is higher than the revenue lost from customers that cancelled their subscriptions.