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In this article we will look at how to create quick prototypes for getting initial feedback using  Sketch and Marvel.

You have created and shared your wireframes with Balsamiq. You have gathered feedback and incorporated into your wireframes. You think you have a pretty good definition of the different screens. Now it’s time to bring life to your wireframes. And we will do it without writing a single line of code!

By bringing life to our wireframes I mean that we will be creating an interactive prototype that will simulate the real application.

Before you start any work you should select what makes sense to include in the prototype. Building prototypes is more complex than building wireframes. Depending on the size of your product or feature, it would make sense to narrow down the scope. If you have to do that, make sure you focus on the main value proposition, that is, the main problem you are trying to address so that you can test and validate that you are providing a great solution to that problem.


Balsamiq is a simple yet amazing tool for building User Interface sketches (known as wireframes) to effectively materialize your vision about a desktop, web or mobile product/feature and start gathering initial feedback.

Balsamiq tries to replicate the experience of sketching on a notepad and it does it very well. Since it is digital you can build scketches much more efficiently that on paper and feel comfortable that what you are producing will look good and be easy to understand. Some people still prefer drawing their own sketches on paper but that’s not for me.