Date: 2006 – 2008


Blastfeed was a web application that provided a convenient digital and automated alternative to manual press review services.

I owned product vision and implementation.

Users would create as many channels as they wanted which consisted of a set of news sources and a number of keywords to match against. Blastfeed would monitor updates to the contents of the news site and notify the user when relevant information was found. Multiple notification channels were supported including email, RSS feed, SMS, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and MSN Messenger.


Blastfeed sent tens of thousands of notifications to its users monthly.


Ruby on Rails frontend connected to a MySQL database to store user, channel and click tracking information.

The backend consisted of two components:

  • an intelligent RSS feed crawler that would parse, normalize and store the news items in an XML database.
  • an extendible multi-channel notification engine to notify users on the channel of their choice when matching news items were found.

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