Date: 2011 – 2015


BookReader was a native app for iPad and Android tablets that allowed enterprise organizations and publishers to distribute digital content to their employees and customers.
BookReader was a component of a platform that also included an authoring tool, a publishing engine and store for content distribution.

As the Product Manager I owned the vision and roadmap and also managed the engineering team during its initial implementation and coordinated releases across teams.

After signing up, users were provided access to a collection of books that they could download to their device. The administrator had the ability to set user permissions on books and sell license keys to organizations so that their users could unlock access to the content. Users were able to bookmark, highlight and annotate the content and also assess their knowledge through quizzes.

An important aspect of the application was security, and hence all the content was encrypted at rest and decrypted on the fly when rendered on the device.

In 2014, we decided to completely redesign the user experience of the mobile applications. Below is an example of some of the wireframes I created:



Account Management






Highlights & Notes


Media Index


The wireframes were used as a basis for the solution and after discussion and several iterations this was the final agreed design: